Options Action – A Review of Options Trading Strategy by Chris Rowe

Options Action

Options Action – A Review of Options Trading Strategy by Chris Rowe

Options Trading is competitive, high stakes, fun, high value game. You can leverage your experience and knowledge to take your company from strength to strength – literally. This is just the beginning. Take it one step further, become the best YOU ever! This book takes the guesswork out of trading options by teaching you the “ins and outs” of trading options.

Options Traders eBook is a powerful new approach to options trading developed by seasoned Wall Street professionals with over 25 years of experience. Options Traders EBook contains the “secret” how top firms create their successful stock picks. Options Traders exposes the mystery behind the professional traders’ strategies, providing inside information that most are not aware of. Discover how to find the top selling stocks using a sophisticated, proprietary software program. Finally gain complete trading control over your financial futures with Options Trading.

Options Trading is the hottest new way to trade on Wall Street. This book is a detailed, comprehensive expose of the techniques, strategies, and important secrets that the pros use to earn millions each year. Options Action not only teaches the “securities” part of trading, but it also includes the “movers and shakers” of Wall Street, as well as the “in the know” professionals who really do make the big money…and why they’re so willing to share their strategies and trading methods, including “buzz” tactics, market timing, and insider tips.

Options Action features the complete story of how a group of young, aggressive options traders used secret, little-known trading techniques to multiply their investment profits. Options Trading is not just for newbies anymore. It’s For the Best Investors. This book explains all you need to know about buying stocks at the right time…the kind of stocks that are poised to rise, and the kind that are headed for a major downturn. It also explains why the big Wall Street firms are investing in these stocks, what they’re thinking, and what they’re doing with their clients’ funds.

Options Trading is written by Chris Rowe, a successful options trader who used to work for some of the top firms in the industry. Chris earned a degree in Accounting from Harvard University and has worked at some of the world’s top firms like Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Sterns. He understands the markets well and can share his knowledge with you. Chris is a self-published writer and does not have a best selling book to prove his effectiveness to the public, or other credentials needed to convince investors.

Options Trading was written by Chris Rowe as a manual for investors who are planning to go into trading options full time. While this book will make an option trader look silly when they first start out trading options, it will also help them become more successful. Chris points out that options trading is not really a “risky” business. There is a greater chance of earning profit, but still less risk than the stock market. This is because you are trading one of the derivatives that are futures contracts…so even if the price doesn’t plummet, the risk is low, and therefore the chances for profit are even higher.

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