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Options Action Books

“OPTIONS Action” features top-notch option traders from some of today’s top financial companies on Wall Street. Each week, they converge for an intense, half-an-hour long show which focuses on how to maximise profits and minimise losses with a range of highly effective, simple-to-use option strategies. Fresh from their exclusive trading desk, the “OPTIONS Action” panel quickly demystified the oft-used terminology and simplified this growing and lucrative corner of the financial markets. This article will describe what is covered in the hourlong show, as well as why those who prefer to trade without having to be so engaged should find this series so useful.

The first segment of OPTIONS Action is presented by Jon Corbett, options writer and producer for Wealth Management Solutions, formerly known as Doubling Stocks. Jon has been at the forefront of the options community for several years, writing at length for various publications and for the web. He is an excellent speaker and covers many investment topics including pricing, margins, and structure. Jon and his team of contributors, which also includes David Funk, have produced an excellent series of videos for their subscribers. His videos are an excellent complement to the written blog and often go into greater detail than the written article.

Next is OPTIONS Uncovered, which features the work of Daniel Caine, an award-winning options writer and trader. Daniel specializes in call and put option analysis, particularly over the past five years. He covers historical options data as well as current option trends. Daniel Caine’s approach is simple, and he clearly communicates all of his recommendations in a clear and concise manner.

Option Profit Lance is produced by Benjamin Graham, an experienced and successful options trader and marketonomist. Benjamin has been a strong supporter of binary options for several years and is one of the best experts on the subject. Benjamin provides clear direction in the use of stop losses and teaches strategies to maximize profits from option trading. He emphasizes that trend trades are not ideal and advises instead for investors to go long when they see strong price moves with underlying strength. He further advocates the concept of moving parts, and explains why this form of trading is more efficient than traditional mechanical trading. Benjamin Graham additionally provides extensive charts of underlying asset strength and price movements, as well as a comprehensive glossary of options terms.

The Wealthy Options Strategies eBook, developed by Robert Keelan, is another solid option education resource. Keelan provides clear direction regarding trend and volatility and describes several different price movement types. These include the traditional triangle, envelope, and rectangle shapes. Furthermore, he explains why using a money management strategy is imperative for maximize profit potential, and explains how using these strategies can help you become a vastly successful options trader.

Option Trading Made E Z is a book written by David Funk. The book is full of strategies, options trading tips, and advice for successfully dealing in options contracts. It is certainly one of the most popular options texts. Option Trading Made E Z is undoubtedly one of the best and easiest to read option materials out there. Its tone is conversational, easy to understand, and extremely effective when it comes to providing advice for all levels of options traders.

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