Options Action – Mad Money’s Secrets Video

Options Action

Options Action – Mad Money’s Secrets Video

CNBC’s ” OPTIONSaction” host, Melissa Lee, features leading stock market investors from some of today’s top companies on Wall Street. Each week, they assemble for a quick, half hour special show which focuses on how to maximize profits while limiting losses with a range of popular options terms. Fresh from their live trading desk, the Trading floor, the Options Action group demonstrates how to simplify the often confusing terminology associated with options, and more importantly, how to effectively manage risk in this ever-changing area of investing. The program includes an Interview with CFTC Chairperson Gary Gensler as well as an Options Trading Seminar from Benjamin Graham.

As part of the “OPTIONSaction” series, the “OPTIONSaction Special Edition” features Dow Jones & Co CEO, John Huck infusing his comments with the show’s theme. The special edition of the show features notable investors including Jack Schwager, Ray Lampert and Jesse Livermore. The “OPTIONSaction” segment also includes a Dow Jones article on the virtues of option investing. The “Options Action” segment of CNBC’s Popular Picks is also hosted by John Cochran, featuring a debate between hedge fund manager, Paul Singer and Michael Masters.

The ” OPTIONSaction” special edition of CNBC’s Trading Floor features a rare interview with CFTC Chairwoman, Melinda Swensen. Swensen is the longest-standing chairperson of the CFTC. She discusses the intricacies of derivatives, and how companies can use them for rapid transfers of cash to meet urgent situations. Swensen herself is a world-recognized expert in derivatives, and she discusses this topic in great detail in her book, A Better Understanding of Derivatives. Swensen’s views are very valuable to anyone who is considering entering the world of derivatives, or anyone else who is simply curious about the topic.

In addition to the ” OPTIONSaction” feature mentioned above, another feature of this special edition of CNBC’s Trading Floor is a look at leveraged buyouts. Leveraged buyouts are a very popular topic, especially following the housing crisis and the problems that seem to be occurring more frequently these days. The “OPTIONSaction” broadcast features a discussion between Dow Jones & Co CEO, John Huck and Tim Pierrakos, a world renowned fundamental and quantitative researcher and publisher of Trader Repo. The two discuss Leveraged buyouts in particular, with the focus being on their positive effects on the individual trader and on the overall quality of trading options. The conversation is informative, as well as humorous.

The ” OPTIONSaction” featured an interview with CFTC Chairwoman, Cheryl Mills. Ms. Mills discusses the recent decision by the CFTC to allow Commodity futures trading providers to trade OTC futures without having to register as brokers. The interview is entertaining, with Ms. Mills taking jabs at her colleagues at the CFTC for their slow response time, as well as making a number of interesting comments regarding the future of Commodity trading in the US.

The Trading floor was once again transformed this week with the appearance of Options Action – the third installment in the series featuring Mad Money’s Ty Pennington. In this video, Mr. Pennington offers his take on why Wall Street traders are making so many mistakes and how he believes the options market can solve this problem. The Trading segment of Options Action was again dominated by prominent Mad Money personality, Jim Cramer. Mr. Cramer makes some interesting comments about the lack of education and understanding of the markets, which have lead to many unfortunate losses.

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