Options Action Podcast – The Option Trading Industry’s Most Popular Show

Options Action

Options Action Podcast – The Option Trading Industry’s Most Popular Show

“OPTIONS” is an online trading television series hosted by Chris Rowe and Jason Steele. Each week, they meet with some of today’s top stock traders to gather for an hour-long fast paced, half-an-hour long show which focuses on how to best maximize profits and minimize losses with a multitude of option-trading strategies. The two veteran stock traders on the show – Chris Rowe and Jason Steele – have had their own success stories and are willing to share their secrets with new and struggling stock traders. They cover everything from market timing and trend spotting to using fundamental and technical indicators.

Chris had the chance to sit down with Emini Oramel, a world-class trader and advisor, who had recently achieved the esteemed title of “emmy-nominated”. Emini explained to Chris that trading options is not only about timing but about doing it properly. He shared with him some of his no-nonsense, practical wisdom that has helped him achieve success time and again. The” OPTIONS” podcast is truly the perfect way to learn from the experiences of those who are succeeding in today’s turbulent markets.

Chris had the opportunity to interview Emini, which was a privilege for him. Emini is considered to be one of the most experienced option traders in the business, and has experience that is as solid with fresh young investors as it is with seasoned Wall Street brokers and investors. Chris’s knowledge of this market will benefit not only him personally but help new investors like him take advantage of some of the wealth of information available through the” OPTIONS” podcast. Each week, the “OPTIONS” podcast features a unique option stock pick, and Chris was very fortunate to have the chance to hear from Emini. In this candid conversation, you can hear the confidence and enthusiasm that investors like Chris have when they decide to purchase shares of stock with the hopes of a large profit.

For every trader looking for an edge in today’s turbulent markets, the “OPTIONS” podcast is a must on your” OPTIONS” docket. Emini is among the best choice traders on the market, and he brings the “juicy” factor that many new traders are looking for. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his enthusiasm is contagious…sometimes he’ll talk so fast you’ll be sure to follow his every step. But if you don’t know what you’re listening to, you’re not going to learn much. So check out this podcast as soon as you can…you won’t regret it.

Emini is among the most well-known option brokers in the world and has been personally responsible for turning around troubled funds like Credit default swaps and mortgage-backed securities. Along with Kelly Critchfield, Emini is among the few full service stockbrokers, with a practice that’s considered an industry standard. With an uncanny ability to anticipate weakness in the markets and capitalize on it, Emini is a sought after commodity among option traders. His confidence in his methods is the driving factor behind his popularity as an OTC stockbroker. With his background in finance, it’s no wonder that Emini is able to provide this information in an entertaining, easy-to-follow fashion.

The Options Action Podcast is among the many top online commodities that feature a Emini interview along with interviews from some of today’s top options marketers. The program also includes recommendations and stock tips from Emini himself, as well as guidance from other experienced option traders. Each week, the panelists will discuss their favorite picks for the week. They also answer a question from the audience at the end of the show, and that is… what is the best stock tip for the week?

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