Options Action

” OPTIONS” is the trading name of an investment community known as the Alternative Investments Network (ANI). ” OPTIONS” also features top financial investors from some of the biggest investment firms in Wall Street. Every week, they meet for an hour-long fast-paced, high-energy show which focuses on how to grow your money through common option maximizations and minimizing losses with uncommon, yet successful, investment strategies. The hosts are investment professionals who have been successful themselves, and they are ready to teach you the secrets of their success. What an amazing concept… a place where “the money makers” train the “amatechers”!

Options Action

The beauty of Options Action is that it provides real-time and live information on the underlying stock and market, as it happens. The latest fundamental analysis, pivot points, pivot lines, moving averages, envelope patterns, technical indicators and oscillators are all part of this one-of-a-kind electronic publication. These experts cover everything from simple options moves and transactions to more complex trading strategies using sophisticated electronic trading desks.

One of the best things about the electronic magazine is that it is available for free by simply downloading the latest issue. This provides members with the latest fundamental analysis and trading desks, as well as a number of bonus features. One such feature provides traders with a “road map” of sorts for maximizing profits while minimizing losses. The “road map” is broken down into sections focusing on “buy now,” “sell later” and “trend reversing.” These segments each focus on individual stocks and trading desks. For example, if a trader is interested in learning more about the “bull market” or “bear market,” they can find a specific stock chart within the “Bull” section that breaks down the various stocks and markets during these times.

Members also receive a number of special “buzz” columns and articles written by experts that are related to the “stocks,” indexes, and mutual funds that are mentioned within the “stocks, stocks, shares” sections. An example of an article that recently appeared in the “Offers” section of Options Action magazine is written by David Funk, a Certified Public Accountant with 30 years of experience in the options trading industry. Mr. Funk not only discusses a particular stock that he has recently purchased but gives investors some insight as to how they should approach their own investment strategies. He even includes a link to his website where he offers daily tips on how to make money investing in the options market. In addition, he offers up tips on the ” bullish” and “bearish” investing approaches as well as discussing the factors that affect the overall performance of the markets.

Options Action Magazine is distributed by several large investment banks and brokerage firms. This magazine targets a niche audience of sophisticated traders that often trade on multiple exchanges at the same time. Most of the trading desks mentioned in the “articles and bulletins” are the prominent trading desks of major brokerage firms. The trading desks are chosen based on the recommendations of the articles, including recommendations from the ” Bulls,” Bears,” Mavericks.” These traders are then targeted because of their investment styles, which are then discussed in depth within the pages of Options Action.

Options Action is an outstanding publication for its level of detail and sophisticated analysis. Its mission is to ensure that the trader has comprehensive knowledge of what is happening in the stock market so that they can make educated decisions when it comes to buying and selling stock. For serious investors, this information is a gold mine as they have the ability to make informed stock choices.

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