Options Trading and Investing with Corum

Options Action

Options Trading and Investing with Corum

“Options Action” is featured in the second season of “The Options Report.” Each week, top industry professionals gather for a quick half hour special that focuses on how to maximize profits and minimize losses with common stock-market related options terminology. Fresh from his invaluable trading desk position, the show’s” Options Action” segment demystified the frequently used jargon and focuses instead on the core investing principals behind this fast-rising and important corner of the financial market. This “icators” program not only explains the inner workings of stock-market investing, but also gives an excellent overall view of the markets and overall stock performance.

For those unfamiliar with Options Action, there are actually several ways to understand this popular program. First, it’s a half-hour television show that features some of today’s top investors and Wall Street pros. These include Jon Corum, Peter Thiel, Seth Godin, Scott Thiel, Roger Crowder, Scott Thiel, Brian Fanale, Brian Krass, Avi Frister, Chris Few, Tim McDonald, and Ray Gold. The primary purpose of the show is to give these experienced traders and investors an inside look at today’s stock markets and provide them with their stock tips.

Options Action is presented by Jon Corum, one of today’s most respected investors and Wall Street contributors. His firm, Corum Capital, specializes in alternative investments and options. In this appearance, Corum explains why he chose to be an investor and how exactly he applies his wealth of knowledge to his trading activities. It is amazing to see just how much an options trader can learn by watching an” Options Action,” especially since this particular show features some of today’s top firms. Among the lessons covered, Corum reveals exactly how certain strategies, when applied correctly, can increase profits by up to 200% and how others may cost you everything you have. Because of this, Corum urges Option Action viewers to apply his strategies utilizing the same firm’s investment guidelines.

Additionally, Corum also touches on some of today’s hottest topics, including the Global Financial Recession, government stimulus programs, and the future of currency rates. He does this by discussing recent market developments as well as offering his own opinion on where the economy will head in the near future. While Corum offers his own take on the situation, he remains optimistic concerning the future of the American economy. One thing that seems to make him confident is his opinion that using mutual funds and options is a great way to invest and increase profits. His full interview, which can be viewed on the website below, provides insight into his thoughts on the subject and how he manages his investments on a daily basis.

As previously stated, Corum highlights some of today’s hottest trends among options trading and investing, which include price, put and call options, as well as binary options trading and forex options investing. The full show includes a number of segments, including an intro segment that delves into the basics of options trading and stock investing; a market segment that discuss the ins and outs of stock market terminology; a stock segment that discuss the ins and outs of stock market strategies; and market segments that discuss binary options strategies and the ins and outs of binary options trading. In addition, Corum’s show also includes a “Diaries of a Stock Market Millionaire” segment that delves into the world of making a lot of money in the world of stock markets. The “Diaries” segment features special guest appearances by some of today’s top stock market investors, including Gordon Gecko, Phil Cooke, and Keith Barbors. The show is also rife with educational segments, including a discussion of how to make money trading stocks using options, a look at why it’s so hard to make money investing in the stock market, and a look at the ins and outs of certain investment companies and brokers.

Overall, Corum takes a rather conservative approach to options trading and stock investing but does throw in a bit of levity throughout the show to keep the audience interested. For example, during one segment the hosts take a trip down memory lane to discuss how the company had originally started out by selling frog legs. For every bit of entertainment provided on this fine show, there are also helpful tips and strategies that are presented in a clear and concise manner. So if you enjoy some good business humor coupled with solid financial advice, then chances are you will do well with some of the options trading and stock investing advice that is given on this popular stock trading and investing show.

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