Options Trading Strategy

Options Action

Options Trading Strategy

Options investors are always looking for good new ways to make money in the markets. Each week, they gather in a crowded conference room for a quick, half-hour special show which focuses on how best to maximize gains and minimize losses with several common option-based strategies. Fresh off the trading floor, the prestigious Options Action panel will domesticate all the difficult jargon often employed when speaking of options, simplify it, and make it easy for investors to understand.

Featured on the Options Action show each week are some of the top contributors to the growing area of stock investment and trading, as well as those who have mastered the more complex techniques of stock picking. Often, a good day can be made simply by choosing an option whose strike price is less than the expected market swing high or low. It’s important, though, not to rush into such investments without first understanding the ins and outs of how to go about it. Some of thePanel members will explain the ins and outs of picking stocks in this weekly meeting.

The Options Desk at OptionsConference is a one-stop shop for options trading. Featured on the Options Action show are seasoned options brokers and analysts with decades of experience behind them. They will discuss various stock options related topics such as whether it’s a good idea to buy call options or put options during certain times, when to use bullish or bearish trading strategies, when to unload an options position in a falling market, and what to look for in a solid options broker. Additionally, Panel members will share their own tips for successfully trading options stocks. Whether it’s a day or short position, options trading should be approached with patience, strategy, risk management, and research.

On the show, Panel members will discuss open interest issues on stock exchanges that can affect pricing of options on stocks. The discussion will cover how the NASDAQ affects pricing, and what traders should know about the AMEX and the Nasdaq. These are the two biggest stock exchanges in the world. The Panel will also discuss the effect of oil prices on pricing of crude stocks, how insiders may affect the price of a stock, and what effect hoarding of stock will have on the price of that stock. Short positions in oil can be very profitable, so discussing these options with an experienced Oil Options trader could be very enlightening.

After the panel discusses various topics related to the stock market, they’ll show where the wagers should be placed, and how shares of a particular company should be purchased or sold. For example, bullish investors may want to purchase shares of Apple (a large technology company) as they view it as a strong company in the computer technology industry. However, if the pros think that there might be a recession in the next few years, they’ll recommend that they hold onto their shares of Apple, as it’s one of the best investments in the stock market today. The pros will give a more solid view of which stock shares are best to purchase at this time.

Once everyone is satisfied with the options trading strategy that they’ve developed, the information is presented for the audience in a seminar-style format. Afterward, there is a question-and-answer session. The purpose of this session is to answer any remaining questions that anyone had, as well as to educate the audience on options trading itself. Finally, the seminar concludes with some excellent advice on what to do with the information learned throughout the seminar. There are usually a number of books that you can buy, as well as seminars that you can attend in order to further understand the topic of options trading.

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